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Cyan tries for movie

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In recent news it would appear that game developer Cyan Worlds is working on getting their most famous game Myst made into a movie. A site by the name of was found in the recent days and had been much debated on by the Myst community over whether it was real or not. It was then confirmed by Cyan's CR Grey Dragon that it was in real.
He was quoted on the UO forums as saying; "For years now Cyan has wanted to make a Myst Movie. Cyan is interested in every avenue that would lead to the production of a full length feature film. In order to get people interested in such a venture there needs to be some momentum behind it. Nothing has been Green-lit, but the folks at hope to change that very soon and we at Cyan support them in this endeavour." So Cyan has begun to along with a mystery partner work toward getting Myst on to film. We will continue to monitor this breaking situation and bring you any updates we find.

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